What to do with those scraps…

Being a card maker I have a lot of scraps of pattern paper. I was watching a YouTube video by Gina K and she was showing you how to make beads out of paper. Warning….there are a lot of pictures in this post.

They are really easy to make and I think I have become addicted!

By cutting your paper in different sizes, you can get different shapes and sizes.

Once I had a large number of beads made, I turned some of them into some bracelets….

The first one I used some stretchy cord.

I then decided to try stringing them and adding a clasp to the bracelet. I found it to be pretty easy.

I went through my stash and pulled out the paper that I have had for some time but never used.

I used different sized papers, 6 X 6, 8 1/2 X 11, and 12 X 12. I only used one strip of paper, so the different sized papers make different size beads. I have seen other videos that by adding more than one piece of paper, you can get larger or thicker beads.

I had some paper that I really wasn’t that fond of, but when made into beads, I really liked them.

If you have some papers that you don’t like, or haven’t used, you might give this a try.

Here is the link to Gina’s YouTube video if you would like to give this a try. She explains how to cut the paper, roll the beads, seal the beads, and then turn them into a bracelet. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tt9gXw2QQ08&t=596s

Have fun! Stay safe! Happy Crafting!

About Nancee56

I have been a crafter for many years. Knitting, crocheting, and paper crafting are my passion. I love to make handmade gifts and cards and spread a little cheer.

15 Responses

  1. gillyflower

    These are lovely! I remember making paper beads as a kid, but we never treated them with anything, so they stayed soft and … papery. What a great idea to use embossing powder! How rigid and sturdy are the finished beads?

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  2. Gorgeous bracelets! The embossing powder makes such a difference. I see paper beads in my future 😁 I have so much patterned paper, some of which I would never use on a card but can’t bring myself to throw away…

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      1. I had a quick play today, though I had to improvise with the paper rolling – my quilling tool is too short for the paper strips so I ended up splitting a cocktail stick 😀 I have ordered a proper tool now – I managed to turn a piece of paper I would never use into 22 rather nice beads (I put a pic over on my Instagram). It is handy to have a simple creative distraction for when you’re stuck on another project, it really does help…

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