Penguins for Day 17!


Day 17 of the coloring challenge.  I’ve had a pretty busy day and evening, so I didn’t have a lot of time to color.  I choose a simple (not many colors) image from Stamping Bella.  I had been ignoring most of my emails and suddenly I had over 150 emails.  Oh my!  Did some quick catch up on some emails…quite a few more to go, but I had to get my coloring done!  I’m really, really trying to do this challenge…and challenge it is!

Here’s my image from tonight…


Hopefully with tomorrow being Friday (and I took the day off…my birthday) I can find some more time to color.

Well, I need to catch up on a few other “neglected” things around here.

Happy Coloring and Happy Crafting!



About Nancee56

I have been a crafter for many years. Knitting, crocheting, and paper crafting are my passion. I love to make handmade gifts and cards and spread a little cheer. I work full time outside of my home but enjoy creating in my spare time.

14 Responses

  1. These penguins are too cute! That last one would be me. Thank you for continuing to color even though you’re busy I live vicariously though your coloring skills. I don’t see those tiny lights as “easy” to stay in the lines. Happy Happy Birthday to you tomorrow! I hope you have something fun planned for yourself this weekend……..after you color and post. 🙂


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