Days 8 and 9 – 30 Day Coloring Challenge


I did get an image colored yesterday, I just didn’t get a blog post made…election results were on so I got busy watching the results for a little while and didn’t get my post made. 

Day 8…


I used my Polychromo pencils and some Gamsol to help smooth the color out.  I didn’t have a lot of patience last night to add the number of layers I needed to get the colors the way I wanted.  I use a small paint brush instead of a paper nub to spread the color around.  I like the control I get with the paint brush.  I can get into the small areas with it, and use a second brush that is a little bigger for the larger areas.

I did NOT stay up late to watch the results.  I have been getting a cold, so I turned the television off at 10:00 and put myself to bed.  I am feeling a little better today, but still have this cold. 

I hope you are not getting tired of the “chicks” because Day 9 is also a “chick” image…I just love all the mischief they can get into, don’t you???

Here is my Day 9 image…


I used my Copics for this image.  A silver Uniball pen was used for the skates.

Well, I’m going to go to bed early tonight to hopefully stop this cold in it’s tracts!  Hopefully I will have another post for tomorrow.

Thanks for stopping by!

Happy Coloring and Crafting!



About Nancee56

I have been a crafter for many years. Knitting, crocheting, and paper crafting are my passion. I love to make handmade gifts and cards and spread a little cheer.

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  1. The little chicks are adorable and fun. Love the one flattened by the present along with skater. The party goers with squirting frosting are just too funny. Sorry to hear you’re battling a cold, that was me the last couple of weeks I hope you recover faster than I did. I am enjoying and admiring your coloring skils.


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